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  • Whiter teeth

Teeth Whitening

  • Whiter teeth

Teeth whitening is booming as people look for ways to make their smiles brighter and whiter. Your teeth, after all, are the first thing people see when they meet you, and having nice white teeth can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

There are many over-the-counter products you can buy but legally, they can only contain up to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. The concentration of this is so low that it is unlikely to make any noticeable difference. 

There are many other DIY kits that you may find online that claim to contain more than this, but they are risky to use and can cause major sensitivity, pain, and burnt gums and mouth.

Whitening toothpaste is usually only slightly more expensive than regular toothpaste and claims to make your teeth whither with regular use. The reality however, is that your teeth are likely to only get ever-so-slightly whiter (again, barely noticeable) after 6-8 weeks of using the product twice a day.

If you are looking to see a significant improvement in the whitening of your teeth, you’ll need to see a dentist and get professional teeth whitening.

How Is Professional Teeth Whitening Different?

Here at The Clinic By Mona, Dr. Mona Attarpour BDS offers a brilliant product by White Dental Beauty. WDB is a worldwide leading tooth whitening brand and the gel we stock is a gentle yet effective whitening gel, containing 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. 

When you come to the clinic for your consultation, we will take a mould of your teeth send this off to a dental lab, who will create custom trays for your upper and lower teeth. These custom trays help ensure that the whitening product is distributed properly, creating equal whitening throughout your teeth and no leaking onto your gums. 

You then take your customer trays home, along with the White Dental Beauty gel syringes and follow the directions given to you by Dr. Attarpour. 

With WDB, the majority of people will see a difference after the first treatment.

Many home kits include either strips or generic mouth trays. Both of these can easily lead to patchy results, especially if you have even slightly crooked teeth.  

Remember, teeth whitening will only ever work on real teeth, so if you have dentures or crowns etc, the gel will not work on these and the colour will remain unchanged. This is something to consider especially if you have dentures or crowns on your most visible teeth

Now, even with White Dental Beauty, you may find your teeth are a little sensitive at first. This is completely normal and we would just advise that you use a desensitising toothpaste such as Sensodyne. The sensitivity usually goes away very quickly, once you stop using the whitening gel.