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The Science of Beauty brought to you by an enthusiastic and highly trained team, to treat you to the best that is available. Treatments backed up with the highest quality creams and lotions that complement and enhance outcomes.

About us



Creating beauty is a science, an art, knowledge, professional training and acquired skills
with an eye for detail. Don’t take chances with your face, treat it to the best available.

Facial Aesthetics is my passion and has been an amazing journey. I graduated as a dentist in Newcastle upon Tyne and after working in Sheffield and Australia, returned to the NorthEast in 2014. Dentistry gave me an in depth knowledge of the anatomy of the face, which is invaluable for treatments in this complex area.

My interest in Facial Aesthetics started soon after, when I went on my first introductory course and I have been hooked ever since. I have done many, many courses from foundation to advanced in Botox and Fillers in all areas of the face and neck. I also have covered all the add on treatments that go along side these, such as Profilo, Peels, HIFU, Miocro-needling, PRP etc to be able to give my clients the best advice on their face. I started treating my own patients in the dental practice where I worked, but as my interest grew, I wanted to do more. I enrolled on the PG Cert course, which has now been upgraded to an MSc to further my knowledge. This lead on to teaching opportunities with The University of London and in Manchester’s premier clinic/academy.

I opened my own Clinic – The Clinic by Mona in 2018. I am now doing Facial Aesthetics full time, dividing that time between teaching and treatment. I love being able to help people with full face sculpting, fat loss through treatment and diet, non-surgical lifts, skin care and so much more. The journey continues as I strive to bring you the best that the industry has to offer. I now teach in Newcastle too and deliver 1 to 1 training around the country. I believe that the more I know, the better I can help clients to achieve their goals with a wide margin of safety and professionalism.


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