The Effects Of Sugar On Your Skin

The Effects Of Sugar On Your Skin

We all know that sugar is bad for our teeth, but did you know that it also wreaks havoc with your skin? Seriously, read on if you know you eat too much sugar:

A high-sugar diet creates a process in the body called glycation. This is where sugar molecules permanently bond to proteins including collagen, making its surface stiff and inflexible, causing premature ageing.

In a nutshell, glycation is damage to skin from the inside due to consuming too much sugar.

Even worse, the affected skin is by glycation, the more vulnerable it becomes to damage from factors such as cigarette smoke and UV rays.

The late world-renowned Dr. Fredric Brandt explained in his book 10 Minutes/ 10 Years, that you could knock 10 years off your appearance by cutting sugar from your diet.

Brandt’s father owned a sweet shop whilst Brandt was a child and he died early at 47 from juvenile diabetes’s. This was one of the major reasons Brandt would go on to completely cut sugar from his life. “My clients don’t believe it’s just yoga and a sugar-free diet; they think I must have had everything lifted. But believe me, it’s cheaper than a face-lift- with much longer lasting results.”


Sugar Withdrawal

If you are one of those people who can successfully cut sugar out of your life completely, I salute you! However, going cold-turkey and completely cutting sugar out of your life can actually have some really unwanted effects, such as anxiety and bad moods swings due to the sudden changes .

By making some simple lifestyle changes, you could drastically cut sugar out of your life and start to see the difference in both your skin, and overall health and wellbeing.

  • Stop putting sugar in your tea or coffee
  • Swap sweets for fruit and nuts (fruits contain naturally occurring sugars which aren’t as bad for you but make sure you still limit your intake)
  • Cut out fizzy, sugary drinks. If you can’t cut these out completely, cut them out completely during the week and have one or two drinks over the weekend (NO binging!)
  • Make sure to check all the labels on your foods and avoid any that are high in sugar. You may be surprised by how much sugar is in some some everyday foods (sauces, cereals etc).

If you would like to completely cut sugar out of your diet, do it gradually to help avoid any major mental and physical withdrawal symptoms such as depression and nausea.

So, whilst botox, filler and surgery can all help with the appearance of ageing, there is also so much you can do to help yourself – and it’s much cheaper too!