Lip Filler – Dos and Donts

Lip Filler – Dos and Donts

Lip fillers have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the last few years and their popularity has utterly exploded mainly thanks to the Kylie Jenner effect. 

Enhancing your natural lips can make you feel more feminine and give your lower face a fresher, more uplifted look.

If you are thinking about getting lip fillers, we wanted to give you a few tips to help make sure you’re as happy as possible with the results:

DO – see a medically trained professional (e.g a dentist, doctor or nurse). Someone who is medically trained will have much more experience in injectables and anatomy than a beauty therapist who has simply taken a course in botox and fillers.

DON’T – go crazy with the filler! Going over the top with filler is really not a good look. Instead, your goal should be to simply enhance your natural lip shape to create a fuller yet subtle look. You may want Angelina Jolie’s lips but your natural face shape and lips just may not be suited to that look. Talk with your practitioners to discuss the best amount of filler to use.

DO – Remember that lip filler is not permanent and it’s effects vary from person to person. Some people will still have filler left in their lips for up to 12 months whilst some people will metabolise it much quicker. However, as a general rule of thumb, lip filler usually lasts between 6-8 months. If you do not keep your lips topped up, they will simply go back to their original shape.

DON’T – Take anti-inflammatory medications for 48 hours before your treatment as they cause the blood to think and will increase the likelihood of bruising and bleeding.

DO – Expect to wait for up to two weeks before your swelling completely subsides and you can see the true results of your lip fillers.

DON’T – Drink alcohol for 24 hours before or after your treatment and this causes the blood to think and will increase chances of bruising and bleeding.

DO – Call your practitioner if you have any concerns at all before or after your treatment. They are there to help you so don’t worry if you have a million questions!